IPMS Nationals

Our own Jerry Geer recently returned from the IPMS Nationals, held in Chattanooga TN and he snapped some great pictures of the models on show. Check out his pictures on our Other Contests page, where you can also check out Keith Strubing's amazing pictures from the Heartland Model Car Nationals..

Discuss at next meeting: How many Panzers could Panzerschreck Shrek schreck if Panzershreck Shrek could schreck Panzers?

Group Build Underway!

The theme for the group build is "Cold War", and includes any subject from the start of the Cold War (1947) through the Fall of the Berlin Wall (1991). The Group Build presentation will be at the December 3rd meeting and Greg promises that there will be a prize!

"Things that make you go hmmm..." Department

Giving Back

This year, for the first time, the Tulsa Modelers’ Forum decided to use our annual event to spotlight The Coffee Bunker, a charity organization that helps veterans. The idea was to increase awareness about the organization in the community while raising funds to support it. TMF members generated corporate sponsorship of the event with the understanding that if the event did better than break even, TMF would include an addition percentage of the proceeds to the organization.  At our May meeting, the club presented a check for $1500 to Col. Raymond F. Knapp (USAF Ret.), President of the Board of Directors at The Coffee Bunker. Thank you all who attended the show, for the vendor fees, model entry fees and raffle ticket proceeds combined with the corporate sponsorship generated this gift to The Coffee Bunker!

And while we're on the subject of our recent Contest & Show, part of the reason we  were able to successfully raise money for the Coffee Bunker was our "World Famous" Raffle, and a great part of its success was the contribution from Zoukei-Mura of four of their superlative kits, which attracted many modelers hoping to score one of these great products. One winner was our own Kenny Gregory, shown here proudly displaying the F-4S that he scored!  Thanks once again to Mr. Zoukei-Mura!

Alcock & Brown

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When you have a really severe styrene addition...

Check out our Resources page for a free new downloadable magazine for aviation enthusiasts, WingLeader. And for the AFV crowd, there's a new issue of Blitzscales.

Historic WWII Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet Located 17,000 Feet Deep in Pacific.

And in Other News...

Casey recommends checking out these videos by Tom Grigat. If you have never seen his work it's absolutely stunning. He does stop motion video builds of models.

Worth a Look

Recently, a model show called Mosonshow was held in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary, one of the higher profile and better quality shows of the circuit, and it highlighted some stunning examples of our artform. Do yourself a favor and check out these links (prepare to be humbled).

The Modelling News (English)

East Models (Slovak - Google Translate will be your friend)

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