The Tulsa Modeler's Forum is dedicated to promoting plastic scale model building.
All Modeling subjects are represented and everyone is welcome to participate.
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Each year we host a contest in the Spring. The contest is open to everyone interested in participating.
There is a Vendors area to buy or sell items.


The Tulsa Modeler's Forum meets on the first Tuesday of each month
at Hobbytown USA located at 71st and Memorial, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Meeting time is 6:30 - 8:00 pm


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The Tulsa Modeler's Forum supports community initiatives where our modeling resources can help make a difference. Often, because of our interests and backgrounds, this often involves veterans' causes.  We are currently supporting The Coffee Bunker.

Special Projects

A message from the president...

One of our members brought to our attention The Coffee Bunker, a non-profit organization set up to lend assistance to veterans.  I didn't realize at the time that the organization was started by the wife of a friend of mine, who lost their son (a Marine) to suicide due to PTSD and other associated issues of several tours in the Middle East.

Anyway, Wade had discovered that the vets there enjoy building models, and appealed to our club to donate models or modeling supplies and tools to the organization.

I wanted to expand that request to our entire list. They are in need of all the usual supplies (glues, paints [acrylic only], tweezers, sanding sticks, etc - everything needed for good modeling efforts), and kits. You can either bring your donations to the TMF club meeting on any given month or take them directly to the Coffee Bunker (which I would highly suggest!). They are located at 6365 E 41st Street, which is just west of 41st and Sheridan.  

For more details about The Coffee Bunker, you can visit their website and read some of their stories here.

Thanks for caring!