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2024 Model Show News

Saturday, April 20th, 2024
at the Park Church of Christ
10600 E 96th St. S Tulsa
OK 74133

For vendor tables/questions please contact Greg Kittinger at

NEW!  Preregistration Available. Details in Forms Packet.

Download Entry Forms
The Full Forms packet contains the Categories list and a full set of registration and entry forms and instructios. If you prefer to have additional entry forms, you can download the single Model and Theme entry forms.

Full Forms Packet

2024 Forms Packet.png

Extra Model Entry Form

2024 Model Entry Form.png

Extra Theme Entry Form

2024 Theme Entry Form.png

These forms are computer-fillable!

Click on the image of the form, and then download the form to your computer.  Then open up the form and fill it out. To reuse a form, perform "Save As" (and name the form per the subjects entered), then you can reopen the form and use it again.  Do NOT try to fill out the form without first downloading it.

The theme for the 2024 show will be "3 Ring Circus!  Entries should be three

models of different classes and will be judged as a single entry.

                                          Show us your skills!! 

Theme entries will consist of three entries, each from a different class (aircraft, Ships, SciFi etc.)  The models can have been enterered in previous shows in their respective classes.  To enter as a theme entry the models are NOT entered in their respective classes but as a single entry in the designated location. The  models will be judged as a group, with overall quality determining placement.  Credit will be given for diversity of entries. The idea is to demonstrate your skill set across a variety of subjects.  Good luck!!

Our Next Meeting


The date of our next meeting is Tuesday, May 14th due  to some construction at the library It starts at 7:00 and ends when it's over. 


                                                                           Theme:  Geminis

                                       Subjects with a strong "twin" theme....twin engines, tails, guns,                                                                                                  etc




Note the change in meeting start time!


                                Hardesty Regional Library

                        8316 E 93rd St, Tulsa, OK 74133

                 Meetings will be in the Maple Meeting Room

                     (Just behind Jackie Cooper Imports on 93rd St and Memorial)

Congrats to John Cleveland as the Builder of                          our Model of the Month



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