Nov 28, 2017

PB4Y-2 Privateer


Edited: Nov 28, 2017


After seeing Ben Fulcher's 1/48 Privateer at the OKC contest (which took home some bling from Nationals as well), I was inspired to pull out my Matchbox 1/72 Privateer. After looking it over, I ordered replacement "glass" sets from Squadron, resin engines and nacelles, and Quickboost gun barrels. When I started work on the turrets, I realized just sticking the Quickboost barrels where the Matchbox broomsticks were wouldn't suffice - I needed to build out some detail to the turrets themselves.

Here are the parts I started with for the 2 top turrets:


With the replacement turret, I needed to cut the Matchbox clear part in half and use the bottom half. I filled in the gun slots, as they do not extend down as this part has it. I also thinned the remaining section as much as I could and still get it to fit on the base, so I'd have room to build out details inside the turret. I cut off the barrels, glued the cross piece to the mounts, then sawed the ends off and filed down substantially to make a mount for the .50 cals I manufactured out of styrene. I glued the remaining clear base to the base of the turret, blocked in the slots and painted the interior before I began to work up the turret. I glued the Quickboost barrels to the .50 cal stocks I had built and painted them up, then glued to either end of the crosspiece, after I had seated the gunner. I did need to cut some off of the guns to make them fit, as the space within the turret is very tight. Next I added some additional details with styrene. I used a carrier section of the Squadron canopies to create gunsights. I cut up copper wire, laid it between a couple of strips of crepe art tape and then trimmed, to create the look of a bandolier of shells. The last pic below shows the cut out Squadron turret sitting atop the base - I haven't cleaned it up or detailed it yet, but as clear as it will be, you can see why I felt I should detail out the turrets!






Dec 1, 2017

Nice work. Can not wait to watch build progress.


Dec 4, 2017Edited: Dec 4, 2017

Here's some work on the tail turret. I decided not to use the Squadron vac replacements, as the shape wasn't what I wanted, and there was nothing substantial to attach the scratch building effort to. So trimmed off some of the front yoke and attached to the clear part, then built out the interior. These pics show everything installed except the gunner (had to steal from the spares box, as the kit didn't provide one).











I'll add another pic or two showing the finished turret with gunner.

Dec 4, 2017

Also finished the cockpit area. Added arms to the seats, and engine control knobs and levers, and a few decals to the center console.





Dec 11, 2017

Started on the blister turrets - added the armor and built out some bulkheads according to reference photos, and covered the gun slot per photos also, with styrene painted with metalizer.







Dec 15, 2017

Nice bit of fabrication.

Court Hughes
Dec 26, 2017

Looking good Greg. I see you took the figure painting 'lesson' to heart. The pilots look great.

Jan 1, 2018


Got the blisters just about finished. I've closed up the fuse halves, and the only finishing touch (once everything has been painted, weathered and dull-coated), will be to install the slanted bullet-proof glass panels in the blisters just prior to putting on the turret glass.






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    Oct 5

    Kawanishi Bro's The Pits The Build Post black basing, Alclad Metalizer/Pre-shading Initial Top coat, some basic chipping started Ammo by Mig scratches fluid utilized on both birds for their chipping. It is very controllable. I liked working the chipping and thought it looks good. Dekels Sealed and Base washed Shiden sealed and initial wash One minor set back is the back-ordered Canopy from Tamiya, 4weeks. Still some minor finishing touches on Kyofu left but i have till the contest. These were the first WW2 Japanese anything I have ever built. I enjoyed the build. The kits assemble well, they were 1/48 scale and I got a vacation from RLM colors. I will post-up the final pictures upon completion of these 2 kits.
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    Wrapping up on the IPMS USA review build. With the help of FFL (Kurt) and his photo booth, here are some pictures.
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    Jun 11

    Well - I just wanted to build this unique-looking bird, and what I had in the stash was a VERY OLD Frog kit. I was thinking OOB, but from the moment I opened the box, things started happening... I was thinking I'd not add any interior details - just open up air scoops and stuff like that. Looking at the canopy, it's one loooong piece of glass, and pretty thick and full of raised framing lines. I did a quick search to see if I could find a replacement (didn't), but found a set of canopy masks for it, and decided I could sand off the framing and polish it, then use the masks, and end up with a more clear greenhouse. That led me to thinking that you might actually be able to see some of the detail, and it is just one big empty cavern! So.... The only 2 pieces of the below photos that are part of the kit-supplied interior are the two grey floor sections (with holes in them for the seats) - one for the pilot and one for the gunner. There were also 2 seats, but nothing for the observer/navigator. I added the bulkheads, stringers, decking and radio from styrene, snagged a seat from my spares box for the observer, built the swiveling gun mount from a couple of landing gear legs (spares box) and some wire. The extra magazines for the rear gun came from a set of engine dolly wheels sanded down in diameter and thickness. Below is the twin gun piece I found in my spares box as a framework to build out the guns. I used another two of the modified engine dolly wheels on the gun, along with styrene and some more parts from the spares box to create the guns. And as usual, since I'm building wheels-up, I had to totally replace the gear doors, as they did not fit AT ALL. I mentioned that I cut down the rear deck area to depict the gun cover open and slid along the back of the fuselage. I'll glue down a piece of thin styrene to depict the cover pushed back. I also had to then cut the rear canopy section that tilts open (like on the Dauntless, it just pivots back into the section in front of it), so that the gunner can get at his guns and do his thing. I used an engraving tool to depict the rail area where the panel slides open/closed. So then - I bit the bullet - and decided to sand off all the raised panel detail and rescribe everything. I found a good diagram on to help me in that task. I wish I had made this decision prior to building out all the interior detail so I would have less hassle sanding and scribing - but oh well! I had recently purchased a Valom Blackburn Firebrand kit, which contained a multi-media torpedo. I decided the Firebrand is cool enough looking without the fish, so stole it for the Barracuda build. The torpedo trunk is resin, the horizontal fin is styrene, the propellors, propellor guards and vertical fins are PE (did I mention I hate PE...?). I'll have to manufacture some shackles for the torp. More pics to come as I progress.

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