Sep 23, 2018

Robin Olds


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23 September 1967

September 23, 2018Aviation8th Tactical Fighter Wing, Ace, F-4D-31-MC, Fighter Pilot, McDonnell F-4D Phantom II, Robin Olds, Ubon-Rachitani RTAFB, Vietnam War, World War II

23 September 1967: Colonel Robin Olds, United States Air Force, the Wing Commander, of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing based at Ubon-Rachitani Royal Thai Air Force Base, flew the final combat mission of his military career.

On this last mission, Colonel Olds flew a McDonnell F-4D-31-MC Phantom II, serial number 66-7668.

Oct 12, 2018

I just finished his memoirs. Great read!

Jul 2Edited: Jul 2


This is in the Air Force Museum in Dayton.


To say the least just standing next to this great piece of history was very impressive to me. Also recalling our guest speaker we heard at the library, really added another dimension of appreciation. I am sorry I do not recall his name, please post up with is name.

Jul 2

Col. Kris Mineau was the guest speaker - who yanked the patch and knife pouch off of Col. Olds uniform!

Jul 2


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    Jul 14

    While at the Canadian Warbirds Museum I took a virtual reality trip. A WW2 British reporter flew with a Lancaster crew on a night raid to Berlin. The creators took his recording and integrated it into a VR program. After seeing it I was impressed. The viewers can look around in the aircraft and see the rest of the crew doing their function. Then can focus outside the aircraft to see the city, searchlights and even a night fighter attack. Between the reporter and the VR creators, I walked away feeling I had a very good idea what it would have been like on a night bombing mission. I have included this link so you can have an idea of this VR program. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrlzrbKRq1U
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    Jul 21

    One of the places we visited on our recent vacation was to The Henry Ford. (It is a museum but they delete it in the title). Between the Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford, they are an unbelievable collection of Americana buildings and items. One of the items was a Ford Trimotor. I have included my question to The Henry Ford about that aircraft and their response. My Question: "We recently visited the Village and the Museum and totally enjoyed ourselves. I have one question that I can not answer and request your help. The Ford Trimotor aircraft has always interested me. I have ridden on the EAA Trimotor before. My question is about the one on display in the museum. It is displayed with the center/fuselage engine with a 3 bladed propeller, while the wing-mounted engines with 2 bladed propellers. I have never seen that combination before, either in a google-image search or other Trimotors I have seen. I am by no means a Trimotor expert, just someone who has an interest. If you can help me with your resources it would be appreciated. Thank you ahead of time. Once again we really enjoyed our visit to the Henry Ford." Henry Ford Response: "Hi Kurt, Thanks for writing to us at the Benson Ford Research Center with your question. You are correct, Trimotors typically had three 2 blade propellers, and this one did when it was first built . It was modified for increased power for the South Pole expedition because it would be carrying greater weight than usual. 4AT-B Trimotors usually had three Wright Whirlwind, 9-cylinder, 200-horsepower, radial, air-cooled internal combustion engines with 2 blade propellers each, for the South Pole expedition the middle engine was replaced on this plane with a Wright Cyclone, 9-cylinder, 520-horsepower, radial, air-cooled engine and a three blade propeller.  I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks and have a nice day,    Kathy I really appreciated their very quick response to my question. If you have not visited this facility and you are near or in Dearborn, Michigan, make this museum a must see destination.
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    Jun 26

    A day at the Museum Yup, it flys!! My gracious hosts, Dave and Rob, ground crew members. You will note the Lanc is in the hanger vs. previous pix. Yours truly was in the cockpit and Deb was waist gunner, during its move, schwing! No one else on board. Really nice museum.

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