Mar 22

Revving-Up For 2019 Contest


Edited: Mar 22

What is everyone doing in preparation for our 2019 contest? Have you got your entry forms filled out? Or are you still getting your entry(s) built? Tell us what is going on in your styrene/mixed media world in preparation for the contest. What are you entering versus what you had planned to enter? Tell us the back story. Don't be bashful, if you are jumping through flaming-hoops to get ready or if you are completely prepared, post it up and let's discuss it.

Do I smell fresh paint and uncured glue?


Mar 22

I have my entries built and ready to go. Paperwork is completed. All I have to do is get them out of the display case. I am planning to photograph them before putting them in their transport boxes.

Mar 26

I just finished two entries this last weekend - my theme build (Tempest Mk. V) and my RF-5E Tiger Eye in Malaysian scheme. Those two plus the Privateer will be my entries this year (I can believe I've only completed 3 builds since last contest - that really hurts - but the Privateer took a lot out of me...). My forms are all filled out and ready.


I'll also be appearing on Good Day Tulsa (Channel 8) sometime after 8:30 am Wed morning - along with Alan Powsey - to promote the contest. The host reached out to me last week. It'll be a short interview - 3 min. or so, and will include some models and pics that Peter sent from our web site archive.


Beyond that, I've got all the forms printed out, and have started my checklist to get ready for show set up. See everyone 7am Saturday morning!!!

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