Paul Wilsford
Apr 9, 2017

Another successful show

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Another show has come and gone, successful as it was we all wish we could have a bigger show with more entrants and vendors galore. I guess that if you get the big scope on things and actually look at all the visitors, entrants and vendors the show was quite an undertaking. I have to give a shout out to every one that participated because with out you this would not have been the success that it was.

I did get quite a few pictures almost 300 to be precise. Here are the pictures in a modified category. I hope that you enjoy them.































The following three entries are from the Junior class entrants. You would agree with me that these young modelers are very talented.









Paul Wilsford
Apr 9, 2017

Armor, military vehicles and artillery.






















More aircraft












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  • ttbuckles
    Apr 16

    Would have been nice to see a few more modelers there but we did have a good turnout. Here is the link for the pictures I took Todd Buckles
  • ttbuckles
    Apr 8

    Here is a link to the Photos I took at the show
  • FFL
    Mar 26

    What is everyone doing in preparation for our 2019 contest? Have you got your entry forms filled out? Or are you still getting your entry(s) built? Tell us what is going on in your styrene/mixed media world in preparation for the contest. What are you entering versus what you had planned to enter? Tell us the back story. Don't be bashful, if you are jumping through flaming-hoops to get ready or if you are completely prepared, post it up and let's discuss it. Do I smell fresh paint and uncured glue?

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