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  • FFL
    Oct 5

    Kawanishi Bro's The Pits The Build Post black basing, Alclad Metalizer/Pre-shading Initial Top coat, some basic chipping started Ammo by Mig scratches fluid utilized on both birds for their chipping. It is very controllable. I liked working the chipping and thought it looks good. Dekels Sealed and Base washed Shiden sealed and initial wash One minor set back is the back-ordered Canopy from Tamiya, 4weeks. Still some minor finishing touches on Kyofu left but i have till the contest. These were the first WW2 Japanese anything I have ever built. I enjoyed the build. The kits assemble well, they were 1/48 scale and I got a vacation from RLM colors. I will post-up the final pictures upon completion of these 2 kits.
  • FFL
    Jul 14

    While at the Canadian Warbirds Museum I took a virtual reality trip. A WW2 British reporter flew with a Lancaster crew on a night raid to Berlin. The creators took his recording and integrated it into a VR program. After seeing it I was impressed. The viewers can look around in the aircraft and see the rest of the crew doing their function. Then can focus outside the aircraft to see the city, searchlights and even a night fighter attack. Between the reporter and the VR creators, I walked away feeling I had a very good idea what it would have been like on a night bombing mission. I have included this link so you can have an idea of this VR program. Enjoy.
  • dhorn
    Jul 13

    First off the bat in the build (which oddly enough is not an aircraft) is a fun build of the iconic cold war movies. Match up of the Soviet Typhoon class sub against the US LA class sub. The LA class sub in this build will not the the USS Dallas as depicted in the film but the USS Chicago (SSN-721) which a friend served on. The boat is a 688 VLS (vertical launch missile) capable of launching the tomahawk missiles. The Chicago was the first submarine to successfully command a predator drone in combat while submerged. After the VLS versions, the next group of LA class subs are known ad 688I (improved) which had all the capabilities of firing missiles that the previous design did but now has additional capabilities. The real noticeable visual difference between the 688I and previous versions is the dive planes commonly found on the sail were moved down to the bow and removed from the sail. The kits are both 1/350 scale

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